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    Vision, Mission, & Culture


    Inspiring new mamas (from pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond), with a focus on mamas in veterinary medicine, to achieve confidence, validation, support, and inner strength and peace through education, empowerment, and connection so that they can live a more authentic, balanced, confident, and fulfilled life.


    Waves of Change is a virtual private practice, offering telehealth sessions for residents of Florida. I empower new mamas (from pregnancy, postpartum, and beyond) to live a more authentic, balanced, confident, and fulfilled life. I achieve this by providing genuine, honest, and non-judgmental therapy sessions, support groups, and educational resources. It is my goal that each client receives the highest quality of personalized care and attention while working with me to overcome the many challenges of motherhood.


    I aim to create a culture where people feel safe and supported, validated and understood, connected and authentic to who they are.

    By staying true to the clients that I work with, as well as myself, I have come up with ten points of culture that I highly value:

    • Authenticity – I strive to be the most authentic person I can be. I may be a therapist, but I’m a human first.
    • Commitment – I am committed to helping new mamas feel validated, supported, connected, and empowered during the early years of their motherhood and parenthood journey.
    • Connection – Fostering a healthy and secure relationship is essential to the therapeutic process! If the connection and trust is not there, achieving your goals will be nearly impossible. (Be sure to check out the “Meet Jessica” page to determine if we might be a good fit).
    • Responsibility & Accountability – I believe we each have the responsibility to show up (mentally and physically) and put in the work. I promise to support you to the best of my ability while holding you accountable for the goals you have set for yourself.
    • Empowerment – Everyone deserves to have a cheerleader! I am here to support and empower you throughout your unique journey.
    • Growth & Development – In order to continue providing quality care, I believe it is vital to never stop learning and growing as a clinician. I attend many trainings and personal development workshops throughout the year to stay up to date and informed so that I can best serve you.
    • Diversity & Inclusion – I value diversity and inclusion and strive to provide an environment where people feel welcomed, included, supported, respected, and empowered.
    • Collaboration – When it is possible, I enjoy leaning in on other supports and resources to help make your goals a reality. This may look like (with your permission) contacting your PCP or OBGYN, collaborating with a local agency to provide resources, and/or discussing minor details about your journey and goals with other therapists, to name a few. Again, I would first need your permission before any collaboration took place.
    • Fun and Creativity – Life is not meant to be taken serious all the time. Part of self-care is allowing yourself to have fun and be creative (not always art related) in how you choose to manage life’s stressors. Yes, therapy can be fun, too!
    • Flexibility – Believe me, I understand the importance of being flexible with the many unpredictable challenges that may come your way. If something comes up, please reach out and we’ll have a quick conversation about any needed adjustments. (Please make sure you are familiar with my cancellation policies. Check out the Time and Investment page for more info).