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  • Hey y’all!

    I am Jessica Lea, Owner of Waves of Change, LLC. This is the section where most of my colleagues in the field would tell you all about those fancy letters that follow behind their name, as well as where they received their education from and all of the professional associations they belong to, but I’m not going to do that…just yet.

    While I think it’s important for you to know what team I root for on Saturday’s…I mean what school I received my degrees from, I find it even more important for you to learn a little bit about who I am so you can quickly determine whether or not we will be a good fit. Please know, I may be taking the time to talk about myself here, but it truly is for your benefit. My therapy style and personality is not for everyone, and that’s ok.

    The clients who are most successful in therapy with me are the ones who come ready to put in the work and are open to exploring new ideas, techniques, and coping skills to help them reach their goals. They also understand that I don’t have all the “right” answers, their problems aren’t going to disappear overnight, and I will not work harder than them to achieve a goal. However, I will work along side my clients to help them develop the skills needed to make positive changes and reach their goals. My clients value my authenticity and straightforward approach.

    They recognize that I am passionate and committed to the work I do, and they appreciate my active role in their treatment process.

    I strive to be the most authentic therapist I can be. I will show up for you in my favorite pair of jeans, but you will not find me in a fancy blazer and high heels. I keep it real, hold you accountable, and may or may not let out a few choice words (only with my adults!) here and there. I also encourage my clients to be their authentic self. If that means showing up with your hair in a messy bun, eating your lunch while we talk, or wearing a stained t-shirt because you didn’t have time to do laundry, then so be it!

    It is my experience that the clients who are most successful during our time together are the ones who are willing to open up and be real about their struggles. They recognize that they need additional supports and resources to help them feel supported, validated, connected and empowered.

    They know that they are tired of trying to do it all on their own and they are ready for a change.

    If you have made it this far, I’m hoping that means you think we might be a good fit! Hang tight, because I’m about to share who I root for on Saturday’s, also known as where I went to school, and this might be a deal breaker for some…


    • Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist in the State of Florida (License # MT4029)
    • Educational Specialist Degree (Ed.S.), University of Florida
    • Master of Education, Specializing in Marriage and Family Therapy (M.Ed.), University of Florida
    • Bachelor of Science, Family, Youth, and Community Sciences, University of Florida


    I take pride in the education I received from one of the top ranked graduate (#3 when I attended) programs in the United States. Not only did I have to complete hundreds of face-to-face clinical hours during my program at UF, but I was also required to achieve hundreds of hours of post-degree supervised clinical experience with the state of Florida for two years before becoming fully licensed to practice on my own.

    Things I Enjoy

    ~ Being in or on the salt water (offshore fishing is my fav!)

    ~ College football – GO GATORS!

    ~ A good front porch swing (it’s good for my soul)

    ~ Shopping (Target always calls my name!)

    ~ Good food