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  • My Authentic Self

    What made you become a therapist?

    I became a therapist because, like most in the field, I have experienced first-hand my own fair share of trials and tribulations, heartache and pain, and I still continue to fight my own battles to this day. I think often times people may forget, that although I may be a therapist, I am human first.

    I am a therapist because I am passionate about helping others in their time of need. I think everyone deserves to have someone in their corner who will genuinely listen to them without judgment, help them feel supported and empowered, as well as encourage them to be their best and most authentic self.

    Can you share a little bit about your perspective on the therapy process?

    To me, the therapy process is most successful when client’s come motivated to put in the work, and are open to change. They also understand that their worries won’t disappear over night, and that I don’t have the magical power to “fix” them. While I believe the client is in charge of the session, I will hold the client accountable for their set goals by frequently checking in with them on their progress.

    One of the most common questions I get is, “Just because I reached out to you for help with ______, does that mean we always have to talk about that?” My answer is NO! Like I mentioned earlier, I think everyone deserves to have someone to talk to who will non-judgmentally listen to them. Although I will make sure you are staying focused on your goals, we can talk about whatever is most pressing for you during our time together that day.

    Why was Waves of Change created?

    Waves of Change was created after I became a mom in 2020. Although I’ve worked with mamas, parents, and children all of my career, it was my own struggles as a new mom that inspired me to really hone in on where my heart is, which is helping to educate, empower, normalize, and support new mamas/parents and their experiences. “Sometimes in the waves of change we find our true direction,” and I’ve been blessed to find mine!

    Is there a meaning behind the name?

    Absolutely! As a Florida girl, it’s no surprise that I love the water. The ocean is not only a powerful symbol for me, but it is also where I find my peace. Just like waves, change never stops. As a parent there is constant change in your life, and right when you think you have it all figured out, something new pops up. The different heights of waves in my logo represent the many emotions (high and low) that come with motherhood/parenthood and life’s many transitions.

    If you could say something to those who might be reading this, but haven’t committed to scheduling with you yet, what would it be?

    First off, I feel honored that you are here, and privileged that you are considering me as your therapist. I’ve been on your end before…thinking, “I need to do this today,” but then getting caught up in the daily life of being a mama, signifiant other, business woman, etc. and not following through. You shouldn’t have to choose between motherhood/parenthood and your mental health. Can you imagine the person you would be if you dedicated the same amount of time you give to others on yourself? You are worth the time and investment!